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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 
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Leadership Blueprint: Running IT Like A Business.

~ Mid Market CIO Summit 2017

Recorded at our recent Mid Market CIO Summit. Learn from CIOs, CTOs, CMOs and other Senior Technology Executives their successful strategies for both driving customer experiences AND responding to the business as they bring customer experience projects to IT.

Michael Rapken, CTO, Press Ganey Associates

Michael Rapken, CTO, Press Ganey Associates

Michael Rapken brings more than 30 years of strategic business and technology experience to his role as Chief Technology Officer of Press Ganey. Michael’s diverse industry background and honed skills combine to provide pragmatic leadership for the daily IT operations and software development at the firm. As CTO, Michael is responsible for IT Strategy, IT Operations and development of our client facing solutions. He is dedicated to delivering forward thinking and reliable solutions for Press Ganey’s clients in their mission to provide the best patient experience across the care continuum. Prior to joining Press Ganey, Michael was Senior Vice President of Business Consulting at Genesis10, a national IT and Business Consulting company, headquartered in New York, New York.





















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